Welcome to Military History

I very much look forward to having you in class this year and introducing elements of military history and the different service branches to you. Since we do not have textbooks for this class, much of it will be computer based. Ihave tried to make this class as interesting and exciting as possible, by incorporatng many videos, video clips, and online activities. Your education will be a combination of what you learn in class, viewing sites on the internet, and research. I hope that the class will be both challenging and rewarding for all of you. Have fun and good luck.

This means the current event has to deal with the U.S. Military. (local, state, national, or around the world)

  • Although this is a weekly assignment, you will only be tagged to explain it to the class once a month.
  • Each current event will be worth up to 25 points. (Remember, four of these equals the same as a test, so it is an easy way to get a 100% test score.)
  • You can either get a current event sheet in the classroom or print a copy of it from the attachment below.
  • Go to one of the military links below and do your current event from one of the articles.

    - If you want to print it out and fill it out by hand
- If you want to do it on the computer and email it back to me

Below are links to the different military branches:
US Army US Navy US Marines US Air Force US Coast Guard


If you experience unusual difficulty in the assignments, either in general or consistently in a specific area, this is a signal to seek extra help. For best results, attend extra help sessions as needed, rather than only the day before a test or major assignment. Bring in homework to help locate troublesome areas.
I am available for a short time before school, during tutorial period, and available at other times by appointment. Also, I check my email (djohnston@sayresd.org) several times a day.