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1. US Military answer 3 of 10
1. The United States Army has Four Corps. These Corps are:

1st Corps, 2nd Corps, 3rd Corps, 4th Corps
Alpha Corps, Delta Corps, Foxtrot Corps, Uniform Corps
1st Armor Corps, 2nd Air Mobile Corps, 3rd Infantry Corps, 8th Mechanized Corps
1st Corps, 3rd Corps, 5th Corps, 18th Airborne Corps

2. Which of the following is not a US Military Unified Command?
Forces Command
Strategic Command
Central Command
Pacific Command

3. By law, the US Navy is allowed to have 12 of these:
Ballistic Missile Submarines
Amphibious Warfare Transports
Fast Attack Submarines
Aircraft Carriers

4. The only US Air Force Base located within the District of Columbia is:
Andrews Air Force Base
Bolling Air Force Base
McChord Air Force Base
Pope Air Force Base

5. Which was the last of these services to permanently be part of the Special Operations Command?
US Army
US Air Force
US Navy
US Marine Corps

6. The Department of Defense's Headquarters is located where?
Arlington, VA
Prince George's, MD
Washington, DC
Alexandria, VA

7. Which of the following is not a Combat Support Agency?
Defense Transportation Agency
Defense Intelligence Agency
Defense Logisitics Agency
National Security Agency

8. Which of these is not a real combat division within the US Army?
82nd Airborne Division
3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized)
4th Infantry Division (Mechanized)
7th Motorized Rifle Division

9. Which US Army division is located in the Republic of Korea?
25th Infantry Division (Light)
2nd Infantry Division
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
1st Cavalary Division

10. Which of these is not a US Navy Aircraft Carrier?
USS Harry S Truman
USS Ronald Reagan
USS Jimmy Carter
USS Abraham Lincoln

2. Tough Military Quiz answer 3 of 10
1. On what date was the United States Marine Corps offically formed?

July 4, 1776
December 7, 1941
March 18, 1812
November 10, 1775

2. After what major conflict, was the United States Air Force formed?
U.S. Civil War
World War I
World War Two
Korean Conflict

3. The U.S. Navy came into being during which battle?
War of 1812
American Revolutionary War
Civil War World
War One

4. When was the United States Army formed?
April 12, 1861
July 4, 1776
June 14, 1775
November 10, 1784

5. Who established the United States Coast Guard?
John Adams
George Washington
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson

6. What is the motto of the U.S. Marines?
Semper Fidelis
This We'll Defend
Semper Paratus
Remember the Alamo

7. In what U.S. city was the U.S. Marines formed?
New York

8. The U.S. Army changed its motto from "Be All You Can Be" to what?
Semper Fi
An Army Of One
This We'll Defend
Camoflauge Campers

9. When was the U.S. Navy established?
June 14, 1775
October 13, 1775
Nov 10 ,1775
Sept 18, 1947

10. On the U.S. Coast Guard flag, what Latin motto is on the ribbon in the eagle's mouth?
E Pluribus Unum
Semper Fidelus
Semper Paradus
Veni Vidi Vici

3. Basic of Military Organization answer 3 of 10
1. Who was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2002?

Richard Myers
George W. Bush
Dick Cheney
Peter Pace

2. Who was Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2002?
Answer: (Last name is a brand of salsa.)

3. What band is referred to as "The President's Own"?
Band of the United States Air Force
Reserve United States Army Band
United States Marine Band
United States Navy Band

4. The US Army's Forces Command is located at __
Ft. Stewart, GA
Ft. Belvoir, VA
Ft. McPherson, GA
Heidelburg, Germany

5. In the Air Force, the acronym USAFE (pronounced: you-safe-ee) stands for United States Air Forces in Europe.

6. In Navy, SEAL is an acronym for SEa, Air, and Land.

7. The Air Force has three logistics centers operating in the United States. They are: Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (ALC), Robins AFB, Georgia; Oklahoma City ALC, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma; and Salt Lake City ALC, Hill AFB, Utah.

8. What Unified Command is responsible for the Operations Theater in Iraq?
US CENTral COMmand
US atLANTic COMmand

9. According to the advertisements, how many ways are there to be a soldier in the "Army of One"?

10. To finish, here's a general military question. What does JROTC stand for?
Judge in Residence of Trial Courts
Johnson Recall Overseas Troops
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
Junior Recruit Officer Technology Corp

4. Basic Training in the 60's answer 3 of 10
1. Army basic training in the 1960s was offered (for lack of a better word) at which army post.

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Fort Dix, New Jersey
All of these
Fort Ord, California

2. How long were the Vietnam Era Basic Training programs (also known as boot camp)?
Six Weeks
Eight Weeks
Ten Weeks
Twelve Weeks

3. The first thing a recruit would hear on his first morning (and thereafter) was a bugle call. What is the daily order for the four main calls?
First Call, Reveille, Retreat, Taps
Mail Call, Reveille, Retreat, Taps
Reville, First Call, Retreat, Taps
Mess Call, First Call, Retreat, Taps

4. A recruit was to call the training sergeant or drill sergeant "Sir."

5. Since smoking was allowed in this time period, checking "butt cans" was part of the duty. Old wooden barracks and coal heat meant for all-night watches to be mounted by what?
Fire Guards
Duty Officers
Fire Men

6. Physical training, or PT, began on the second day of Basic Training and never stopped. One's progress in this effort was measured at the end of the eight weeks by a PT Test. Which of these was not a part of the test?
A 40 yard low crawl
A one mile run
Push Ups
Dodge, run and jump

7. Overnight stays in the "field" were common near the end of training. What is the Army term for such exercises?
Night Training
Camp Outs
Field Overnights

8. Field excercises were also considered a good time to introduce trainees to the culinary masterpieces known as "Meals, Combat, Individual" or C Rations, the sucessor to WWII K Rations. Which of these was the least sought after of the main meal choices?
Beef slices and potatoes, w/ gravy
Ham and eggs, chopped
Ham and lima beans
Beans, w/ frankfurter chunks in tomato sauce

9. Oh, what different days! Included with each C Ration box were various cookies, cakes and fruit (called "B" Units) and an Accessory Pack with toilet paper, salt and pepper, matches, etc. and a little pack with typically how many cigarettes?

10. "Sir, Private Jones reporting for pay!" was a monthly ritual, attended by various attempts to separate the trainee from a part of his or her hard-earned pay for such things as Savings Bonds. Pay was in the form of what?
Direct Deposit
Money Order

5. US Army Generals answer 6 of 20
1. George Washington held what military rank, not title or grade, during his lifetime?

General of the Armies
Lieutenant General
General of the Army

2. Who is the only man to hold the brevet rank of Lieutenant General prior to the Civil War and during the Mexican War?
Winfield Scott
David Twiggs
Zachary Taylor
Andrew Jackson

3. John Wayne took his actor surname from General Wayne, a Revolutionary War hero. What was this General's nickname?
Old Baldy
Gentleman Johnny
Fuss And Feathers
Mad Anthony

4. How many Generals had become President of the United States prior to the year 2000?

5. What U.S. Vice President became a General in the Confederate Army?
John C. Breckinridge
Joseph E. Johnston
John C. Calhoun
John Tyler

6. What is the name of the youngest General ever to serve in that rank in U. S. Army history?
George Armstrong Custer
Douglas MacArthur
Galusha Pennypacker
Marquis de Lafayette

7. What two Generals shared the nickname of "Black Jack"?
John Logan, Andrew Jackson
John Logan, John Pershing
Stonewall Jackson, John Pershing
John Sedgwick, John Pope

8. What Lieutenant General was the father of Douglas MacArthur?
Answer: (Full name please (given and surname))

9. Who was the first officer to ever wear five stars on his uniform?
John Pershing
George Marshall
Douglas MacArthur
Dwight Eisenhower

10. Who was the first officer to wear four stars on his uniform in the U. S. Army?
William Sherman
George Washington
U. S. Grant
Robert E. Lee

11. Philip Sheridan was the last general to have a four-star rank in the 19th Century.

12. What general acquired the nickmane of "Old Hickory"?
William Henry Harrison
Andrew Jackson
Zachary Taylor
Winfield Scott

13. "Old Blood and Guts" Patton meant what according to many of his soldiers in WWII?
Our blood and his guts
Our blood and guts
His blood and our guts
His blood and guts

14. What general officer in the field during the Spanish-American War was noted for his large bulk?
William Shafter
Joseph Wheeler
Leonard Wood
Henry Lawton

15. What WWII general was the only U. S. Lieutenant General killed in the Korean War?
William Dean
James Gavin
Ned Almond
Walton Walker

16. Who was the only physician to become Army Chief of Staff?
Tasker Bliss
Leonard Wood
Peyton March
Nelson Miles

17. Douglas MacArthur was appointed to the rank of Field Marshal of the Philippines.

18. What was the name of the American Lieutenant General who first entered Rome in 1944?
Answer: (His first name rymes with his last name.)

19. George Armstrong Custer had a childhood nickname. What was it?

20. Colin Powell was Chief of Staff of the United States Army.

6. US Navy Game answer 3 of 10
1. Who is considered the father of the U.S. Navy?
Captain Jack Sparrow
Stephen Decatur
John Paul Jones

2. What day in October is considered to be the U.S. Navy's "birthday"?

3. This ship was where the treaty ending WWII was signed. Its hull number is BB-63 and its nickname is Mighty Mo. What is this famous ship's real name?
USS Oklahoma USS Montana USS Missouri USS Arizona

4. Here's a terminology question. What was a "scuttlebutt" originally?
captains chair
water keg
anchor chain

5. Keelhauling is a punishment used for major offenses onboard sailing ships. A rope was looped around the ship and the accused was attached to this loop and pulled under the ship from one side to the other, resulting in injuries or even death. The US Navy has never practiced keelhauling.

6. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, how many aircraft carriers were in port?

7. The USS John F Kennedy was the world's first nuclear aircraft carrier.

8. The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship in the world.

9. Admiral David Farragut uttered what famous quote?
"I shall return"
"I have not yet begun to fight"
"Damn the torpedos full speed ahead"
"Give me liberty or give me death"

10. Where is "Shipwreck U"?
Charleston SC
Washington DC
Annapolis MD
Baltimore MD

7. The Marines in WWI answer 3 of 10
1. This Regiment was the first Marine Corps Unit to deploy in WWI.
6th Marine Regiment
1st Marine Regiment
4th Marine Regiment
5th Marine Regiment

2. After which popular WWI Battle did the Marines gain not only their nickname, but their mascot as well?
Battle of Belleau Wood
Battle of Delville Wood
Battle of Chateau-Thierry
Battle of Hill 60

3. This Marine Corps base was opened during WWI to meet the increasing needs of training and preparing Marines to deploy.
Camp LeJeune
MCRD Parris Island
Camp Pendleton

4. On 30 May, 1918, while fighting side by side with French forces against a determined German enemy, this Marine snorted "Retreat! Hell, we just got here!" to a French Officer who insisted the Marines join them in retreat.
Chesty Puller
GySgt Dan Daly
Capt. Loyd W. Williams
2nd Lt. Edward Hope

5. During the Battle of Belleau Wood, this Marine jumped from trench to trench, motivating his Marines by screaming "Come on you sons of bitches! Do you want to live forever?!"
Smedley Butler
GySgt Dan Daly
Chesty Puller
BGen Neville

6. These Marine Regiments were awarded the Fourragere by the French Army after leading the Blanc Mont attack, which took one week of fierce fighting.
1st & 2nd Regiments
4th & 5th Regiments
5th & 6th Regiments
6th & 8th Regiments

7. During WWI, which of the below is NOT a mission that the Marines were simultaneously carrying out in addition to their duties in Europe?
Occupation of Haiti & Santo Domingo
Mexico-U.S. Border Patrols
Sugar Intervention (Cuba)
Intervention in Nicaragua

8. How many Marines received the Congressional Medal of Honor for actions during WWI?

9. Who was the Marine Corps Commandant during WWI?
Chesty Puller
MajGen Barnett
MajGen John A. LeJeune
Charles Heywood

10. Which popular recruiting slogan was started during WWI, and is still often used even today.
The Fast & Furious
Tell It To The Marines!
First to Fight
The Few, The Proud

8. US Coast Guard answer 3 of 10
1. The United States Coast Guard Academy is located at:
Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts.
New London, Connecticut.
King's Point, New York.
Annapolis, Maryland.

2. Coast Guard enlisted personnel are trained at:
Great Lakes, Illinois.
Cape May, New Jersey.
San Diego, California.
Camp Pendelton, California.

3. At the present time (2004), the Coast Guard is part of the:
Department of Homeland Security.
Department of Defense.
Treasury Department.
Department of Transportation.

4. Originally, the Coast Guard was established in 1790 as:
the United States Navy.
the American Patrol.
the Revenue Cutter Service.
the Coastal Defense Force.

5. The name "Coast Guard" came into being in:

6. The Coast Guard was initially tasked to conduct The International Ice Patrol in the Atlantic Ocean in:

7. Which of the following is NOT a Coast Guard icebreaker?
CGC Polar Star.
CGC Mackinaw.
CGC Polar Sea.
CGC Polar Wind

8. The Coast Guard Academy operates a square rigged sailing ship named:
CGC Healy.
CGC Eagle.
CGC Harriet Lane.
CGC Hamilton.

9. Which of the following is NOT one of the many Coast Guard duties?
Primary transportation of the President of the United States.
Establish regulations for the construction of oil tankers.
Enforce all U.S. laws and treaties on the high seas.
Search and Rescue.

10. The only Coastguardman to receive the Medal of Honor is:
Marvyn Sharp BENNION
Douglas Albert MUNRO.
Howard Walter GILMORE
Peter TOMICH ||

9. Air Force Weapons answer 3 of 10
1. How many pounds of ordinance can a B-52H carry?

60,000 lbs 70,000 lbs 50,000 lbs 80,000 lbs

2. What is the nickname of the MC-130E (used by AF Special Operations)?
Predator Spectre Combat Talon Compass Call

3. What is the range of the AIM-9 Sidewinder missile?
20 miles
15 miles
10 miles
30 miles

4. How fast does a LGM-30G Minuteman missile travel?
30,000 mph
15,000 mph
25,000 mph
40,000 mph

5. What is the primary function of an AGM-84 Harpoon missile?

6. What is the Air Force Special Operations Command's (AFSOC) main insertion, extraction, and support helicopter?

7. Which of the following is used as an advanced jet pilot trainer?

8. Which of the following aircraft is commonly called a 'tank buster'?

9. What is the main purpose of the KC-135?
aerial refueling

10. What is a BQM-34A Firebee?
Target Drone