The Gulf War Conflict: A Webquest
(The First Gulf War)

Your grade will be dependent on the number of question you complete. Use the resources below to help answer you questions. Your answers need to be complete and accurate. As long as you answer correctly, the scoring break-down is as follows:
6 questions - 100%
5 questions - 90%
4 questions - 80%
3 questions - 70%

1. Locate the countries of Iraq and Kuwait on a map and describe its topographical and climatic features. How might these features affect American troops fighting in this conflict?

2. When did the conflict begin? What was the cause of the conflict? Who were the key figures/countries in the start of the conflict?

3. When did the United States get involved? Why? Who was president at the time? Why is this labeled a war?

4. How long did the United States remain involved in the conflict? When were U.S. troops pulled out of the conflict? Who was president at the time?

5. What were the reasons for the protests that were staged all over the nation and world? Who were the people involved in these protests?

What were some of the problems U.S. troops encountered during this conflict? Describe what Gulf War Syndrome is and how it harmed U.S. troops.


Frontline: The Gulf War

Gulf War- Good Video Clips

Gulf War Syndrome

Gulf War History Resources

The Fog of War

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